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This is an explination of the mod what it will feature and it's story.

Even from the viewpoint of world history, there are few cities as prone to disaster as Tokyo. The city was completely destroyed in the Great Kanto Earthquake of 1923, and the carpet-bombing of Tokyo at the end of World War II, as its name suggests, reduced the city to a smoking pile of rubble. But each time, Tokyo rose again from the ashes.
And it is MegaTokyo of the future which is the setting for this story. The time is the year 2032. Tokyo is the world's most overcrowded city - the heart of industry, culture, information, and conflict.
The Second Great Kanto Earthquake, only seven years before, dealt the city a devastating blow. Presently, the capital is a city of confusion, in the midst of recovering from the ruins, physical and political, which were the result of the colossal earthquake. Cars running on gasohol and batteries crowd the streets, and a scar of the earthquake remains: a huge fault running through Tokyo, 50 meters wide at its widest point, separating the city into East and West. A gigantic tidal power plant has been established, and the world's first solar power plants have been founded, supplying this megalopolis with the electricity it consumes. Even now, clumps of office buildings, with rooftop-mounted independent photovoltaic collectors, await the sun's first rays, and the start of another day in MegaTokyo.
As night falls, a show begins in a dark corner of the city. Armored vehicles, carrying members of the AD Police, the special crimes control unit, are gathering at a highway interchange. Once again, a Boomer is on a rampage!

Boomers are an artificial life form, born of the technological union of mechatronics and biotechnology. They were originally created to substitute for humans in the development of outer space, but recently, a slightly different variant on that original concept has started to appear. They are terrifying cyberdroids, their entire bodies a cluster of weaponry; walking tanks, covered in super-high-density Abotex; and possessed of their own will. Naturally, their existence is illegal. And on top of all that, they even possess the power of matter fusion.

Boomers are primarily manufactured by the Genom Corporation. Genom: a company which rules from behind the scenes over the political and financial affairs of the entire Western World, and whose full aspect is unknown. Its temple-like headquarters, Genom Tower, a skyscraper nearly 1000 meters tall, symbolizes it well, oppressing all other buildings in District Three of Tokyo. It continues to extend towards the heavens even now, eight years since its construction began; a modern-day Tower of Babel.

This particular Boomer tears the Minigun from a police chopper it downed, uses it to replace its lost right arm, and runs amuck, strafing anything and anyone who comes within range! The heavily-armed AD Police are helpless before it. Who would let these things loose, and to what end?

Just then, figures appear before the Boomer. The slim silhouettes possess graceful, elegant lines, as if to say, there are females inside these battlesuits. In the wink of an eye, these women annihilate the Boomer, with the long-needle railguns, rotary lasersword, and laser cannon integrated into the artificial fingers of their suits. They call themselves the "Knight Sabers".

AD Police Officer Leon McNichol, who has rushed to the scene, can only watch in amazement. These women, attired in hardsuits surpassing military battlesuits, are vigilantes who smash lawlessness for money. Having defeated the Boomer, they vanish into the night.

all features ar as follows:

1.behindview as default with crosshair on screen to aim precisely.
2.aug's will no longer be "augs" but they will be suit features that use energy in a different manner (much slower) and perform better as well.
3.the walking/running speed without aug's will be increased a little.
4.the sp part will consist of 8 missions each mission will follow one of the 8 episodes of the movie.and possibly 3 more for the last 3 of these series.(the series started in 1989 and had 8 original episodes called bubblegum crisis,then in 1992 bubblegum crash came out with 3 episodes.all pertaining to the same 1 huge story from the graphic novel.the new 1999 series will have no bearing on this mod since it is no classic like the others are)
5.the mp will just feature two teams "the night sabers" and "Genom" and will be in an assault fashion with certain spawnpoints for each team.also there will be a ctf as well.
6.there will be co-op play as well where 4 to 8 players join up against a multitude of bot's and accomplish goals.only the night sabers are available for this as there is only 4 of them + their 4 motoroids and many "boomer's"(genom corporation's robot slaves)
7.all weapons will come from the arm's of the suits and or robot arm's.
8.all weapons will have levels that when increased the weapon looks better and is more powerful.(note: I have weapon types figured out already)
9.weapon levels are increased by mod type like in dx sp but in mp they will increase by kills,co-op will be increased by either.
10.there will be new damage types.
11.of course new HUD ( I already designed it's look on paper ).
12.some weapons can be charged.
13.maps will all be very interactive.
14.skills will be different and awarded by kills both in sp and mp,skill upgrades will be auto and in increments spanning all the skills IE:you are now level 3 speed+6 health+20 energy+20 all at once rather than dx's selectable skills.with a level max of 20 in game and 10 in mp/co-op.
15.I want to incorporate secret's in the game like when you beat it you can play the crash level's or you get a new feature in mp but this idea is negligible if it takes to much time to incorporate.
16.of course there will be custom music sound effects and textures.
17.each character for sp or mp will have their own characteristics that will sort of class them but not in the sense of a tactical military way.
18.each character will have 3 of their own SET "aug's" plus the 5 common ones that are selectable.
19.some interaction with object's will be different such as hacking and lockpicking,to fit the theme.
20.there will be some type of radar and map hopefully.

There are many more features that havent been fialized by team yet so sit tight for updates!